Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


There are things within me, That I’m so ashamed to think about, They make me feel scared to the, Point of utter madness, because, I know that if I did what I did then, Today, I would be condemned by... Continue Reading →



I know that I'm not a good person, You can see to my past for that, But I know that I will offer the same, Kindness, that I wish others will offer me. Because in a world hurting itself, Over... Continue Reading →


Running away is the only option, I have that will take me away from, All these insecurities, I don't think I can ever stand and fight, Anymore because it will only open, Old wounds that once I had the strength,... Continue Reading →


Where's the consideration for the future, Where's the recognition for the past, What happened to morality, When it all failed, where did the people, Who turned to Grace go? How far did we fall from asking God, To asking others... Continue Reading →


What a world it is, I'm living in, With so many hurt, Crushed and broken. With so many hurting, Destroying and ruining, The beauty of life. How could it be, Father, that it would come, To this horrible truth? I... Continue Reading →


Nothing means anything anymore, Here I am wondering about my silly, Insecurities and dreading the notion, Of not being good enough for the world, When I could be soaring in the clouds, Making my dreams come true, Loving each and... Continue Reading →


When you're young, You want to have fun, But you never think, About how youth, Can actually be inferior, In the face of old age, In the face of terror, Your lack of understanding, Caused you to make, A hasty... Continue Reading →


When this ends I have nowhere to go, And when I say that you never understand. You don’t see because you’re in comfort, And because you have what I don’t, You only wonder why I can’t be like you. And... Continue Reading →


Mama and papa, They're not too pleased, Saying I spend too much time, Typing, typing on my phone, And if it's not that, they say, Those earphones of yours, Have never left your side. So this is what you want?... Continue Reading →

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