Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


With each and every new day, I can feel the temperature rise, And the day quickening with each, And every, minute passing by. So I thought it was meant to be rebirth, And renewal; I'm reminded of new horrors, That... Continue Reading →



Truth is, if we want the same love, Same kindness from others, We have to be ready to give it back. And the truth is no more simple than, The fact that we're all guilty of something, But strength comes... Continue Reading →


Almost a decade I've lived in this city, I remember the first days, nothing existed, Now that it's all built, you've been exalted, Declared greatest, reputed, distinguished, But to me you've always been a scam, I know, the only thing... Continue Reading →


Tryna find love in this wasteland, Is impossible, we all know it, I can see in your eyes, you had that dream, And just like I imagined, you couldn't, Dream again because you were scarred. It would take a miracle... Continue Reading →


Some of us here are dying and it could just be me, But when I look at it closely, this injustice seems to break me down, I get it, it's all fun and games, and your youth should be spent... Continue Reading →


It felt more dead to me last time, For I remembered the days I'd come back, With my hopes crushed as I went to sleep, With eyes I wish would cry, to express, Something more, other than a blank face.... Continue Reading →


Praying for sweet melodies, Bluer skies, warmer winds, So I can finally wear my red dress, Prance across the parks, With heels so high I feel I could, Reach up and touch the sky. The best months out of twelve,... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #23

"They'll judge and laugh at you, and though it may hurt so day, they'll thank you for doing the right thing. That day you'll feel proud." ✾themeekarestillhere✾


I don't see what I'm doing this for anymore, ‘Cause I thought that it was honour, Not pride that drove me, not fear, But ambition, the things that kept me, Going straight in a path that obscured, All the things... Continue Reading →

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