Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


They never really knew me, If they thought that I was happy inside, I was desolate. And haunted by these images, Of things that were once real, In the past. If they thought that I had plans, They were wrong,... Continue Reading →


I should be glad, That for no reason whatsoever, I finally managed to weep. When for so long, It seemed like it would forever, Be contained and bottled up. ✾themeekarestillhere✾


Tomorrow is when it will all begin and I will have to decide what to do. However, I’ve decided this time I won’t be extreme and I will definitely not be a coward. I will simply just be the girl... Continue Reading →


I guess that I'm angry. That I didn't have it great. That I can't relate. I speak what I've been through. Looking for some escape. But all I see is black around me. No light. I cannot get out. I'm... Continue Reading →


I think like the weather in this climate and how it changes so quickly, my mood is like it too. I think that I have to accept it when I'm sad, even though I may be at the lowest point.... Continue Reading →


In another life, I am the villain. And the person that I hope to capture in some photograph is the dreaded me. In another life I no longer dance among the stars, instead I glide across the blue skies of... Continue Reading →


All those years I'd heard her cry, And I’d pray and hope that she’d stop, That she would stop crying, And continue living her life, With us by her side. But it took me too many years, Of pain and... Continue Reading →


Truthfully, I'm scared for the winter that will come. I'm scared for the cold that will surround me. But moreover, I'm scared for the coldness I'll see in the neighbourhoods around me. Summertime nights, rolling into the car park, eating... Continue Reading →


You know, she always used to tell me, "When I was young I could've been anything, I ever dreamed; I could make, My wildest dreams no more fantasy, But a reality." Her eyes dazzled like a thousand diamonds, When she... Continue Reading →

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