FOREVER Forever is the word I should never say on earth, for nothing is forever, it was only just a moment ago that I was happy.  Why does time eat away the wonder of the moment I’ll never have again? I’ve wished on the same things so many times. If they ever come true I [...]


Her music isn’t a dance, it’s not just a song, it’s a feeling I never felt before.   There was only one time that I felt like I could climb without having to fall, But returning to the past is a dangerous venture, in which only my mind is at stake,  And the many blows [...]


A million times. But all you ask for is one.  I’m sorry, but your fame is universal.  I had begun to believe my love for you was inadequate.  That the adoring, sparkling eyes had given you your name. I thought you loved that which you’d never see.  I thought fire wasn’t as bright as the [...]