Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23




When this ends I have nowhere to go, And when I say that you never understand. You don’t see because you’re in comfort, And because you have what I don’t, You only wonder why I can’t be like you. And... Continue Reading →


Mama and papa, They're not too pleased, Saying I spend too much time, Typing, typing on my phone, And if it's not that, they say, Those earphones of yours, Have never left your side. So this is what you want?... Continue Reading →


Looking back into the past, From the mountain I stand on, Makes me feel a little weak, But when I open my eyes, To see the journey I've been through, And realise how much I've achieved, The hurdles ahead seem... Continue Reading →


When her gaze wasn't anymore hateful, Instead her brown beads sympathised, With the conundrum of the hurtful view, The view of what she saw, Like a mirror reflecting her own storms. Instead, of panic and despair, She was able to... Continue Reading →


A friend's friend got hurt, And when I asked why, I realised how widespread, How bad this hurt was, And the next day, I listened to her telling me, Everything that was on her mind. But I couldn't help, But... Continue Reading →


When things are going to be hard, On these lonely journeys, That I go on so often, The thoughts that have been with me, On them; at the perilous destination. Where the things I didn't know, That scared me I... Continue Reading →


Thinking twice, Brought me here, On this path, Where I could've, Seen true happiness, If I remained satisfied. Dreaming into these, Rare pink clouds, I could escape forever. But how can I ask that, Preparing myself, For the plunge into,... Continue Reading →


Hate feels good for a while, But after some time, It shows its true colours, And hate, It consumes you. But it's hard to want to let go, Because sometimes, We're maybe forced to believe, Or think that hate is... Continue Reading →


I don't want to be like you, You're not the type I could be, I'd rather look somewhere else, How about starting with myself? Too long since I thought about laughter, I'm not afraid, I just want to know, Before... Continue Reading →

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