When you and I talk,  When we begin to say those first few words,  We both can get carried away but we simply don’t care,  Because to us, it’s fine, it’s okay when the person staring back shares the same insanity. And you and I both acknowledge our inside jokes with elegance and style despite [...]



It’s coming back again,  For the second blow, but I know this, And this time I’ll be gone before it can strike.  Because I’ve been through all of this,  I’ve told myself I’m the bad guy,  I’ve dealt with all these emotions,  And I longed for someone, some escape,  And when none came, I found [...]


I despise this, this half-baked dream, I had some years ago, so thoughtless,  I’ve become a hot-blood.  My fears now become obsessions,  Obsessions become old and die,  Only for me to find new ones again,  And then I pick, I absorb whatever I can,  To keep me going, destroying the vitality within.  I’m blessed but [...]


Je suis une écrivaine. Je ne vais pas écrire arrêter, Et mes photos, Ils seront avec moi pour toujours, Mourant dans ma mémoire. Un million de gemmes, Enterré à côté de moi. Pas d’or, pas d’argent, Pas de la monnaie, pas de gloire. Mais quoi j’avais dans cette vie, Pas tant, mais tout,  C’est de [...]


Difference between me and my happiness,  All the shades ofblue.  I dream of the one that is radiant,  That pierced and protected me.  But I lose myself in this darker shade,  Every single time, fearing what I may never get back.  And then forgetting the reality,  Of what I really need to survive,  Thinking I [...]


Watching her I came to a decision,  That something about this woman’s smile,  Who thought she wasn’t beautiful,  But wanted to be wonderful,  Though we all knew the truth,  That her smile was without a doubt, More beautiful than all the smiles in the world,  And then I felt that feeling again looking,  Back at [...]