Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23



Reminder #5

Hello everyone,

From tomorrow onwards I’ll be starting ‘THE SPECTACULAR HUMAN BEING ’ series. Consisting of twelve posts written during the end of September to the first of December this year, they will be the twelve final major posts for 2016. Further information regarding this series can be found in this post. I hope that you will enjoy reading each post as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank-you.


Reminder #4


  1. 3rd August, 2016: Mainstream
  2. 10th August, 2016: Smile
  3. 17th August, 2016: Realist


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Reminder #3


  1. 2nd July, 2016: Old Memories
  2. 9th July, 2016: Slow Down
  3. 16th July, 2016: Thankful


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We Are in the End.

Last week I posted a blog called ‘Tip of the Iceberg.’ I stated:

“…however I have a very deep interest you could say in conspiracy theories. And yes, I do believe in some of them.”

 Today, I watched a video. It was about a very popular singer who had released an album called ‘ANTI‘. The video was accused for it’s heavy use of Satanic themes and messages in all the eight rooms by many YouTube conspiracy theorists. But one thing was for sure, the album’s main message was to promote and warn the viewers that the ‘mark of the beast‘ was coming.

Some of you may say, what is the mark of the beast? And I can give you no other response than the one that is recorded in the Bible, in the book of Revelation 13: 16-17;

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

If you’re still confused, the mark of the beast is placed on those either in the forehead or right hand in the last days. It represents submission to the Devil or to the ‘beast’. As I was watching the video, I knew that I needed to spread the truth around more. I know that I am going to be held accountable for everything I have done when I am judged by God and I want to make sure I’ve done my utmost to honour Him…

 By taking the mark, they are able to buy, sell and have security. For those who don’t, they are seen as fools and a threat to them and are persecuted for their unheard defiance.

It sounds too much. But it’s true, this is a Christian’s life. How else can we show we love the Lord if we cannot trust Him even in tribulation? Like John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Throughout all the eight rooms, I felt sad to watch the singer. She started off portrayed as a very pure girl, unaware of the influences of the entertainment industry until she was seduced and blinded by the glitter and glamour of fame. All of it temporary…

All of a sudden she became a puppet, a minion who had to set an example for the world. I know I’m not meant to judge people by their outward appearances, but she seemed to convey some sort of dark message through the use of her make-up and attire in all the eight rooms of the ANTI DiaRy.

The first scene; she is wearing a light dress, with neat yet slightly messy hair and a clean, natural face. These represent the reckless yet innocent nature of almost a child. In a way, she shows that she didn’t know what she was getting into. Until she was initiated into the dark industry, she was like a child, oblivious.

 In the same room, she walks into another room that looks like a long, dark hallway. Following a child with a crown over her eyes and ends up at this almost futuristic sort of room, like a laboratory. You see right before your eyes, her change from purity to shame. She is clearly going through a phase where she seems to be possessed. She emerges wearing shiny, dark clothing with dark, heavy make-up and straight hair. It is complete. Almost like she is on a mission.

And she is on a mission; a mission to mislead the masses. And by destroying her good image, others who adore her will follow in her footsteps. I believe that if she had the choice now she wouldn’t want anymore of this misery. And I probably can say that for many of the celebrities in the entertainment industry today.

I could go on and on about the Satanic themes and messages in the ANTI diary album, but I think that you would find it much more interesting if you researched it yourself. However, if you ever bother to investigate this, I have set up a few links to give you a good start:

Rihanna’s Satanic #AntiDiaRy Celebrates End Times as Imminent

666 It Has Begun!

Illuminati & The Music Industry 2013 (PART 1 and 2)


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The First of Me

Human nature is absolutely amazing but at the same time disappointing. It’s in our nature to often disregard the things we see everyday. We disregard the roof over our heads, we disregard the company of family and friends. People of my age are prone to viewing themselves as unworthy of the public. We disregard our remarkable intelligence, the brilliance of our youthful bodies and our skills and abilities which mark us and make us different to others.

We are so consumed by the world and its influences. We are often worried about our finances, schooling, work, careers and friends which today don’t act at all as true friends. We have little time for the important things in life which we’ve been born to do. Instead, we regard hectic, time-consuming activities of our day like work, shopping, chores and meetings of paramount importance as to spending time with our family. It’s sad but it is the reality.

I was just thinking that after the Christmas and New Year season had passed, many of us would hardly ever spend time with the ones we love, with those rare occasions. And I get it, your work is very important to you. And there is nothing wrong with worrying over it, in my opinion, until it starts to become a very large part of you. When apart from normal human necessities, work is the other side to you. When we become so antisocial the thought of bonding and the existence of a family vanishes completely from our mind until someone or some thought will put itself in a place of clarity that he/she will finally step out of the life they’ve allowed themselves to get too used to.

But that’s not always the case. There won’t always be a thought or a someone to ignite the feeling or passion of having the company of human affection and care which brings out the best in you and me. Have you ever heard of the porcupine story and how it tells us that to be together is better than to be independent? The porcupines found out that though they had warmth when they were together in the cold winter, their prickly backs were offering anything other than comfort. They decided that it would be wise to leave each other and be alone. Soon though, they discovered that they much preferred their previous position. Even though there were the very unimportant drawbacks of their warmth, all that mattered was that they were safe and comfortable at least from the cold of winter. In the end, they were just as they were at the start. But today, many people haven’t come to that position just yet.

Sometimes we don’t realise all the good we have until it’s gone. And it’s so important to know that God has kept you alive. He’s given you things to be grateful of, to be generous of, to be happy of. He’s given you emotions to use at your will in the right way and in the right time. He’s given you a personality, to share and show so that others may come to understand you and socialise. But mostly He gave his One and Only Son to die on the Cross for our sins. And despite everything we had done to reject him because of our ignorant nature and our desire to be independent like the porcupines, the King of Kings with the wisdom that we could not fathom wholly submitted Himself to the cruel death on the Cross. Praise be to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, there is indeed no-one with a greater Love than Him.

But while we are in this world, we need to remember that it is not a safe place. There is so much evil residing in every corner. We are under constant attack spiritually, tempted to cheat, lie, hurt and disobey the Voice of God. We are deceived by the rulers of this Earth who take all of the goodness and purity in this life, in exchange for money and reputation. And some may say that work doesn’t have to be hard, some may say that they love work. But can you honestly say that and not tell me that there was not one day that felt completely miserable…after all we are human. It’s okay to admit that we aren’t happy with the things in life, but we have one thing that we can be thankful for and it’s Jesus Christ.

I know that people don’t believe in the existence of God, but his fingerprint is everywhere. He is God, He is omniscient and He loves you. He is coming soon, the days are dark and everything that is corrupt is attacking us. We need to submit to Him. Christians today are persecuted, we are ostracised from the world and despite our attempts to share our testimonies people ignore it. We are not fools, we are Children of the Living God. And some reading this may simply just want to earn money and just want to be liked. You may say, that I’m going over the top. But I’ve seen lots of people in high places with loads and loads of cash, unwilling to spend even a small dollar on the homeless. I know that if I become so concerned about my life and not entrust it in the hands of someone who already has a great plan for me, then I’ll end up like them. What has the world become?

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Mark 8:36

I know I am just only a little girl, not even an adult, but from what I’ve seen in others who believe they’ve everything they will ever need in life, I know that that is definitely not the future I am paving for myself. I’d rather let my Father in Heaven lead me.

Happy New Year and May God Bless You!



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Grace of God

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

2 Corinthians 5: 17

With only six hours and forty minutes left of this year I decided that my last post would express my gratitude to my Wonderful Saviour for his ever-present mercy and grace which has protected me all throughout the year.

But not just this year, fourteen years and counting, all throughout my life He’s been with me. He has protected me, kept me in good health and provided me all the things I know am unworthy of.

So when you look back on the dark days of this year, just remember that many people didn’t have the opportunities and the little things in life which you admittedly tend to disregard. He is reason for your every breath, He loves you even when you reject Him.

I’m not one to participate in New Years’ Resolutions; let’s be honest, people usually tend to break them in a week. But if there’s anything I could suggest to make life more beautiful is to be more loving and caring to people you know and don’t know.

When someone is in need, who needs financial support, offer them all you can. When someone is depressed offer them sympathy and comfort. For there is no reason to be limited when God has blessed us with the ability to offer our concern for others. There is no physical expense to show love.

Jesus Christ shows us that He conquered death, by dying on the Cross for our sins, He gave us a chance that we may live with him in His kingdom and not in Hell where there is no respite but sorrow and gnashing of teeth.

2015 is inevitably going to end, and keeping that in mind just remember that there is a God watching you, protecting and keeping you safe. I know He is there.

See you in 2016!



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Reminder #2.

Hello everyone,

Just in case you missed out on some days of the ‘Twelve Day of Blogging’ series, here are the links below for all the days. Just click and you’ll be automatically taken to your desired post. Once again, thank you for all your liking and subscribing…it’s been super great to do this for you and I hope to do it once again next year. Happy Holidays!


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