What has changed a hundred years from now? Are we not still blinded to the allure of wealth and the fast life? And the boundaries that were broken then, do they not mirror the many boundaries that have been shattered today? Everyone is still chasing to live on the streets paved of gold for to [...]


GOD is not chasing for perfection in us but for our imperfection. If that is the case why are we striving so hard for something already in GOD's hands? Weren't we made to all fall and rise with GOD's grace? Was I not meant to soar? I’m not the girl who accepts trauma, but it’s [...]


Her music isn’t a dance, it’s not just a song, it’s a feeling I never felt before.   There was only one time that I felt like I could climb without having to fall, But returning to the past is a dangerous venture, in which only my mind is at stake,  And the many blows [...]


A million times. But all you ask for is one.  I’m sorry, but your fame is universal.  I had begun to believe my love for you was inadequate.  That the adoring, sparkling eyes had given you your name. I thought you loved that which you’d never see.  I thought fire wasn’t as bright as the [...]


How far we dream is how far we want to escape. The most dangerous game I’ve played is breaking free from the pattern. Because if I’m meant to be smiling now, if I really am following suit, then all this worry is meaningless. But if I’m straying from the finale and instead, building my own [...]


Life’s emotions are too great for me. I will never catch up to others, and life will never catch up to me. Two paths that cross yet never stop. My life, is a series of highs and lows, endlessly going so deep that the peak feels greater than it should. Everyone seems to be living [...]