Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23




What does my paradise look like? Will it be enough to make me happy? Or should I start looking somewhere else? More importantly what consolation will I find when I am broken-hearted. I don’t want to escape anymore but rather I want to be happy without having to worry about the situations I know I’m in. What’s keeping me alive is becoming a burden to me… I know that I am trapped. No one cares more than they want to. I don’t know what to do; it feels like I’m living in a prison and I just cannot get out.



My Eyes

It is fascinating that the goal of men has been to conquer and possess.

To accumulate wealth and treasures to their so-called empire,

So that they may flaunt their power and superiority,

To those who look upon with disapproving or apprehensive eyes.

This world has only come so far and advanced in ways never imagined,

Because people began with little,

With little they lived and with little did they love.

And that was simply enough.

But they said life was short and the ideas great,

So great that though they were penurious, their dreams surpassed the wealth of the world.

Now there is so much excess and access to what people want,

All people work for is money.

Because everyone wants their shot at glory,

Most know that it is temporary and many of them still thirst after it.

Because showy cars and ostentatious gowns are the rage,

Polluting the true essence of life with the vogue obsessions of the age.

Life is short but that never means you should spend it away,

As a child would for a bag of candy.

Because life just may be sweet,

But a modest emptiness remains once all the flavour is gone,

And you are on your own, falling down without any help.

Sending you plummeting down back into the world of realism,

Once all the sweetness is gone.

~It’s been a year since I’ve started my blogging journey on WordPress, so thank you…



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The Epiphany Trilogy, Part II


Yet still,

I feel sorry for everyone around me,

Mostly because we are all blind,

Some more than others,

Some coming to the realisation of the world around them.

People say I’m plagued with sadness,

They tell me that a smile can fix everything.

If they knew why I was sad,

They might understand how I feel.

But no-one wants to communicate,

Because their lives should be only happy:

Happy thoughts,

Happy things,

Happy people.


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The Epiphany Trilogy, Part I


Is it weird that I feel responsible for everything and everyone?

Overly emotional and confused when the world seems hopeless.

And then hopeful and happy when the world looks beautiful.

Questions are always in my head,

The things that I read, listen to or watch,

People don’t want to know about it,

Because it is not mainstream,

People around me don’t want to hear the truth.

They instead, 

Want to hear lies concocted by empty minds,

To feel better about themselves.



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Reminder #4


  1. 3rd August, 2016: Mainstream
  2. 10th August, 2016: Smile
  3. 17th August, 2016: Realist


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