A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. Proverbs 29:23


  • You Don’t Know My Name

    Bro I thought I saw you in the garden you know that one in front of the law building  you were sitting on the lawn with your legs crossed  and your hands joined over your knees  and it looked like you a lot I wasn’t blinking for a minute or so. Your clothes like the… Continue reading

  • I’ll Pray Until I Die

    As I write this I think about the Columbine Killers. I’ve prayed many times for them because I don’t think they knew what they were doing. There is no more I can say that would convince the fact-followers who read but don’t see between the lines. When, in matters of destruction and tragedy, the actions… Continue reading

  • I wish I could say this 

    It’s so obvious you don’t want to be friends with me  but you sit next to the girl with the smooth hair the girl with the olive skin who is beautiful. I’ve been told not to compare myself with others but look at her & she’s not me.  Sometimes when I’m in this place  the… Continue reading


    I’m tilting my head back as I  place my burdens behind me   I can’t hold it forever, the bowl of my mind overflows but water pours in thunderously  because there’s a worry anew  a memory unearthed from the soil of memory  haunting and harrowing from midnight and beyond noon.  How much pain can a… Continue reading

  • When Autumn Begins

    I know a friend who lived alone who said it was the worst at first  it was his first time just being solus. I think that I couldn’t do that now Alone is preferable but how to be alone? The world is already so cold and as time turns, I get old  without much to… Continue reading

  • Gardentalk

    So tired  I know he lied  two thousand times   emotions get dry  they stick to the ground  he cut their wings so they can’t fly.  Friendships are business, not personal   but when you mock me, and say that I’m the fool  that I was out of place  your ethical attack is 2 lies… Continue reading

  • two-face

    All alone in this home  a raging father with a voice like a dragon  nagging me because it makes him feel better. When I said I wish I was dead  I didn’t wanna live in this dump instead  kill me now because I’ve touched the point  that part that sits right next to the soul … Continue reading

  • Death wish

    Why are you living so carefully? You don’t even care about your life.  And all the people that tried to convince you otherwise  only made the death wish stronger.  Lana Del Rey’s singing ‘Oh Say Can You See’ and I wanna go back to the first time I heard it.  I know we all die… Continue reading


    There’ll be no more crying in my dreams  waking up because I can’t breathe  wishing I could sleep forever or not at all because when I wake up I realise you’re not here  and the world doesn’t look the same.  I wish I was dead & I say it with a reason. You made my… Continue reading


    I’ve listened to millions of songs  that at the beginning I thought I fell in love with but couldn’t find they stayed the same  you change, we all change  the music stays the same.  My minds speeds and spins faster than I type these words love turns only to nostalgia and if you’re careless, to… Continue reading

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