A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. Proverbs 29:23


  • When Autumn Begins

    I know a friend who lived alone who said it was the worst at first  it was his first time just being solus. I think that I couldn’t do that now Alone is preferable but how to be alone? The world is already so cold and as time turns, I get old  without much to… Continue reading

  • Gardentalk

    So tired  I know he lied  two thousand times   emotions get dry  they stick to the ground  he cut their wings so they can’t fly.  Friendships are business, not personal   but when you mock me, and say that I’m the fool  that I was out of place  your ethical attack is 2 lies… Continue reading

  • two-face

    All alone in this home  a raging father with a voice like a dragon  nagging me because it makes him feel better. When I said I wish I was dead  I didn’t wanna live in this dump instead  kill me now because I’ve touched the point  that part that sits right next to the soul … Continue reading

  • Death wish

    Why are you living so carefully? You don’t even care about your life.  And all the people that tried to convince you otherwise  only made the death wish stronger.  Lana Del Rey’s singing ‘Oh Say Can You See’ and I wanna go back to the first time I heard it.  I know we all die… Continue reading


    There’ll be no more crying in my dreams  waking up because I can’t breathe  wishing I could sleep forever or not at all because when I wake up I realise you’re not here  and the world doesn’t look the same.  I wish I was dead & I say it with a reason. You made my… Continue reading


    I’ve listened to millions of songs  that at the beginning I thought I fell in love with but couldn’t find they stayed the same  you change, we all change  the music stays the same.  My minds speeds and spins faster than I type these words love turns only to nostalgia and if you’re careless, to… Continue reading

  • present

    I used to believe that we couldn’t enjoy the moment  because we are clinging to the past  but it seems that we can’t enjoy the moment because  the moment isn’t good any longer.  I feel, and I’m not alone, that the world has shifted  like tectonic plates but something in the cultural atmosphere  citizens of… Continue reading


    So where does the kid go when they put a bullet through their head? I’m not healthy. People might say my mind is sick. I don’t think they’re as willing to help as they are to criticise. Fake. I don’t hate people but I hate their fakeness. Even when and if my mind is sick,… Continue reading


    I never thought it would take so long to write again. Maybe I’ve been avoiding it because I have nothing to say, but even when I barely had any sleep, I used to have something to say. I closed the site. I don’t even want to look at screens anymore. I want to write but… Continue reading


    Is it a curse that I’m fated to walk beside you? May my words be like nuclear bombs  and clear the way. Yes, clear the way for me.  Drums as the backdrop to my poems  they shake the waves but I write not for praise  praise to the MOST HIGH.  I’m stuck here Dear Heavenly… Continue reading

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