A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. Proverbs 29:23


So tired 

I know he lied 

two thousand times  

emotions get dry 

they stick to the ground 

he cut their wings

so they can’t fly. 

Friendships are business, not personal  

but when you mock me,

and say that I’m the fool 

that I was out of place 

your ethical attack is 2 lies and 1 truth. 

Fool, he’s no friend to you 

he used me like a tool 

what can I say to Judas  

who wasn’t there for Jesus

if they did it to Him, they would do it to me

many times they’ve watched me bleed. 

Friends were never meant to last. 

I hear your voice 

so I listen too 

you hear my voice 

and say I haven’t got a clue.

Who’s being unfair brother?

You don’t even listen 

because you don’t care. 

Where’s the justice, Judas? 

Don’t let me hang on a tree 

cut me down 

before 5 to 3

so that the ninth hour 

symbolises not sorrow

but surrender of His rational spirit. 

In your logic, my words are empty 

baseless, you don’t know the half of it 

a twisted mind and heart

gaslights a girl with a Good Guide 

the new style is paranoid 

about the next fool you fall for.


The world is full of them fools 

my vigilant eye never rests  

defence mode in sleep leads to 

suppressed tears and starved skin 

starved of touch, unspoken words.

I see the same people everyday 

and all of them act like their lives 

mean more than trash to the next person

you’re mad that I said this?

Nobody cares if you live or die

I wish I had died when I was 18

and when I write it down

somebody thinks I have a problem.

Let it be.

I look at the world, 

and my eyes are locked in horror

and what I see and what they can’t.

Like Kurtz.

We’re in a venn diagram, 

but I share nothing with you 

we’ll never intersect. 

Leave it as it is, inert. 



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