A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. Proverbs 29:23


All alone in this home 

a raging father with a voice like a dragon 

nagging me because it makes him feel better.

When I said I wish I was dead 

I didn’t wanna live in this dump instead 

kill me now because I’ve touched the point 

that part that sits right next to the soul 

where white/black is meaningless because 

down there, misery doesn’t pay respect to any colour.

Don’t act like you understand this agony 

I’m 21 soon, but that’s an 8 month journey 

don’t know if I’ll make it because 

where I am & where I need to be seems sky-high.

When you’ve reached the shallow part of the stream 

death is just a tingle & knives are like cream. 

A man who’s two-faced, smiling at the churchgoers  

but turns into Stanley Kowalski at his wife & daughters.

I hate a person like that and God forgive me

I know hate is a sin like murder but honestly 

why would I lie about the way that life is 

it’s been like this for 16 years & it’ll be like this 

for as long as we stay in boxed white walls. 

I don’t care how much money you can give me 

at some point when I have just enough I’m about to leave. 

Yes, in this world, you can’t just have the mind of a fairy 

I’ll need a little before I breathe fire on these memories. 

You made a lot but none of them were good

you’re a sociopathic two-face & when I’m gone you’ll just have you. 


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