Don’t let me be pulled down by those words, those feelings, those insecurities, 

I was made to fly high to heaven, to be greeted by His love, 

God gave us so many things to enjoy. 

It doesn’t seem like many understand when they express their joy in the things we take granted. 

God could have removed so many of the little things from earth that make life complex, 

Yet He allowed us those joys, those differences to demonstrate He loves us despite all these complexities. 

When love is so foreign to me, I don’t know what it’s like to hold on forever to sweetness,

But what’s more than the love from GOD who keeps me from danger, even when I am tempted by its pull. 

He opens new feelings to me, shows me I can still love the world, 

When I keep thinking I miss out on something, I feel GOD is telling me I’m more than that. 



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