Out of all the things I’ve learnt in life, the one most important lesson I ever taught myself was to not care. And though this may seem rash and somewhat rude, in my situation and throughout my life, it applied so greatly.

I spent every single moment worrying about the impression I left on others and what they would think of me. Things such as appearance, speech, manners, knowledge and abilities were some of the many things I had to perfect myself in. I was taught from birth to observe the status of the people around me and act accordingly.

You can imagine that I grew up rather lonely and confused about my purpose here. This lesson was so severely stressed that I ended up constantly worrying over the impression I made to anyone, even a stranger!

But I realised, as I grew up, our time on Earth really is limited. And I learnt that God above loved me, and I realised then, why was I working so hard to please the ones who most likely had little concern for me?

From now on, I don’t care. And it’s not to brag. It’s simply to say that before I was chained in a cage, but now I’m free. And I have to thank God for this revelation in my life. For I didn’t know the captivity I was in until I was released from it.



2 thoughts on “REVELATION

  1. I definitely agree with you.. Same happens with me but when started doing what i want without caring about others the magic happens. We need to live our life on our own terms to find our true purpose.. 🙂 Keep writing you have the potential to nail it

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