Doubt can get in the way to happiness. I really believe this because I always find myself doubting the things in front of me or the emotions I’m feeling. And many times, when I have let myself doubt the life I’m living and the things in it, I have begun to experience depression and sadness. But what if I just didn’t doubt anymore? Would it be unfair to call it ignorant? You see, all my life, doubt is all I’ve known. I was told how imperfect I was, it was shown to me numerous times verbally and physically on the school yards and I never found a true solace in the world until I submitted myself to the feet of God. Until I finally committed my troubles in prayer. Just on Friday, I was feeling really sad and worried that I wasn’t the person that I could’ve been. I wasn’t the best that I could’ve been. And many things in the days leading up to that had made me think this. I was haunted by the miserable past that had once plagued and followed me like a shadow. But now I realise, I can decide to let myself be happy or sad. And I think I have spent too long being an object of sadness and pain. I believe in the power of God. And I trust that only God can give me the strength and courage I need to endure this journey we call life. More importantly, the more I think about this, in view of all that has been a part of my life, it makes my ordeals seem like nothing in comparison to what Christ did on the Cross. And so I let myself be only accountable to God and no one else. I pray that He will alone bestow his Grace and Mercy upon me in my life as I live it as best I can to please Him. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!