In another life, I am the villain. And the person that I hope to capture in some photograph is the dreaded me.

In another life I no longer dance among the stars, instead I glide across the blue skies of Summer days.

In another life, I do not have the pout that everyone tells me to get rid of, instead everyone praises my beaming smile.

In another life, the ones around me aren’t in conflict, they are sitting on thrones of peace in their dominion of glory.

In another life, I have not yet come to know the meaning of shame and yet at the same time I know what it is.

In another life, I do not have the many scars that I’ve acquired in my toils, but faded memories of a nostalgic ordeal in a world of bliss exist.

In another life, life is sweeter than honey and as pretty as a picture, but here the colours are painted with greys and blacks; monotone sets the scene for my life.

In another life, I haven’t cried yet; I’ve only laughed and smiled,

In another life, the person I am now is the person I will capture in a photograph.



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