Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


March 2017


I'd be lying if I had said it was easy, I spent too long reading number plates, Stranger lonely on the roads, I just stared at the signs, Not finding any good enough for me. But I'll admit in the... Continue Reading →


However it was true I wanted to be back, Back where it was rough, And tough. It became a dwelling place for me, I could rest and test myself, See how far I could go. See how far this could... Continue Reading →


It's just enough for us to laugh together, But now I want them to see me, And know that this act isn't any joke. It's real. So it's become complicated, I'm contemplating reverse, Turning it around seems impossible, Because the... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #17

"Once in a while, I tend to acknowledge all the hurt and sorrow I've been through in a way that isn't hurtful...but strengthening." ✾themeekarestillhere✾ The Unforgettable #16


If you are happy, then I am sad, If you are hopeful, I am lost, I am deceived but you can see, If I am here, you are over there. I am learning, but you are a master, I am... Continue Reading →


What do you say when you know the answers, But you can’t put it in words? When you know what will happen, What is going on out there, And how you will be affected, Along with those you know, Those... Continue Reading →


They were telling me about the things I used to be... But those things are past now and all that's left are a collection of faded memories, It was one of the only times they were smiling genuinely, And they... Continue Reading →


I just want to live beautifully. I want to climb on a roof at midnight and talk to the stars. I want to see the beauty of the world upon a mountain, hear the symphony of animals at play. I... Continue Reading →

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