Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


February 2017


What does my paradise look like? Will it be enough to make me happy? Or should I start looking somewhere else? More importantly what consolation will I find when I am broken-hearted. I don't want to escape anymore but rather... Continue Reading →



It is here above the clouds at night that I feel the loneliest I've ever been. Could I simply reverse, or fast-forward it like a movie so I could get to the part where I am temporarily satisfied, But my... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #16

"Maybe most of us just don't know acknowledge the possibility, but perhaps we're all trying to live a dream. And perhaps reality is the result of our dreams clashing with one another." ✾themeekarestillhere✾ The Unforgettable #15


I don't know. I'm not so sure. I'm on the verge of something great but I manage to lose it every single time. It seems like the thrill of each day is trying to watch something being built only to... Continue Reading →


I can't describe almost feels like the world is slipping away from this what death feels like. No, death would be better than this. I feel like it is the end; some sensation inside of me and I... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #15

"When we know that those who love us only wish the best for us why do we continue to reject them for our own pursuits. Why would I be here if I wasn't part of some plan that was part of... Continue Reading →

Over the Years

The tragic thing is often the things we anticipate are far from reality. And when we find paradise, which is a temporary relief, it's rarely satisfying. When I was little, I remember being so happy and just wanting nothing more than... Continue Reading →

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