Recorded: 14/10/16

Someone save me from myself. But who will listen? Even if they listen who will care enough to understand the complex workings of this unpredictable mind. Even I, was fooled by my own selfish desires; they told me that if I pursued the “right” things then I would be rewarded with gifts as a righteous person does. Little did I know, that these thoughts would later on destroy me. I could easily try to rewind all the misfortunes that have occurred in the past months, but I cannot because I have come to realise that going backward may confuse and complicate the essence of my existence here. Given the state that it is in now, I wouldn’t dare. When I write, I can tell you all these things but very rarely, do I find any comfort. I wish I had valued the stupid, careless dreamer I was before life turned sour…


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~Sunset over the River by Albert Bierstadt