Recorded: 08/10/16

Many times I think that the things I know are all I need to know to survive. But the moment comes when I discover something new and as fascinating as it may be, my curiosity will only lead me to discover more truths that will surely leave me broken-hearted. I lack the courage to avoid the unknown. I am not the person I could have been and want to be. Frequently, I change the way that I act and appear much to my annoyance, just because I fear the simple hint of embarrassment that comes when people discover the other side. But this has opened too many personalities, now I have to try and mingle some of these personalities so that my mind will blur the whole confusion and I’ll find myself returning to the original state that had provoked the many disorders I have now. But I’m not little anymore, I am only alone, and I have to learn to find a new way because there is no returning to the old. I see how destroyed my soul is.


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~Spirit of the Canyon by Steve Henderson