Recorded: 01/10/16

How can we sit by and allow the inhumane acts that happen before us just continue? Is it right that we pollute ourselves to the point that we have shut out all reason, all purity? Sitting here trying to comprehend some people’s expressions to the blasphemous news that is presented before us everyday, it looks back at me motionless and dead. We might as well be dead, because we have ignored all the fundamental morals that we were trained to learn in our youth. The things that embody the essence of living. Why does growing up mean having to compromise and change our appearance? Why is it, that I see so much injustice? The need to feel powerful and proud of our achievements no matter how small or big they are, always ends up in someone being hurt. Even the world itself seems to be confusing my mind and with such insufficient information, I struggle to make sense of all the mess and confusion before my eyes close into a slumber that is never complete.


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