Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


December 2016

Reminder #6

Hello everyone, ‘THE SPECTACULAR HUMAN BEING’ series has come to an end. Thank-you for all the likes and comments that you’ve contributed to each and every post. In case you have missed some of the days, the full list of all the twelve... Continue Reading →


~December 25th: Twenty Sixteen~

Recorded: 01/12/16 Before they'd allowed me to accept that it was finally over, everything came to an end. Sadly, I wish there was time for me to know that this was the end. Instead, I feel lost, as if I'm... Continue Reading →

~ December 24th: Insane Summer Bliss~

Recorded: 30/11/16 I cannot keep the insanity and madness inside of my mind any longer. I must let it go, I must beg for the impossible. I must release these thoughts of madness, of pain against the simplicity of a... Continue Reading →

~December 23rd: The Prayer~

Recorded: 21/11/16 It's strange that my thoughts immediately take me to this secret journal hidden from any prying eyes. But when it is no longer kept a secret, the truth of who I really am will finally be unveiled. It... Continue Reading →

~ December 22nd: The Riddle~

Recorded: 19/11/16 I thought I had walled myself up so much that nothing could ever hurt me anymore, and it scared me to know so. But I was wrong. It was the shattering truth that broke me. There is too... Continue Reading →

~December 21st: The Road~

Recorded: 06/11/16 Tomorrow is uncertain and I want to make sure that I'm living the right life. Not the life others have told me is right because there are always so many paths. No, I'm talking about the life that has... Continue Reading →

~December 20th: Carmencita~

Recorded: 26/10/16 She sat beside me on the wooden bench, her head tilted to the side till it hovered on the tip of my shoulder like a diamond earring. The side of her angel face now awkwardly balanced on my... Continue Reading →

~December 19th: Carmen~

Recorded: 22/10/16 There's a Carmen sitting alone with a petty treasure she would fight for. Everyone sees her and judges her for being ever devoted to such useless objects but who would dare to interfere? There is never a painted... Continue Reading →

~December 18th: The Dreamer~

Recorded: 14/10/16 Someone save me from myself. But who will listen? Even if they listen who will care enough to understand the complex workings of this unpredictable mind. Even I, was fooled by my own selfish desires; they told me... Continue Reading →

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