Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


November 2016


Why are you so full of laughter and smiles, I cannot muster anything but a tear when I am surrounded in your ring of happiness and joy. I find myself too overwhelmed, choking on the sensations that I hardly ever... Continue Reading →



These wavering shadows drifting across the floor, Make me wonder of all the chaotic things I could do, I could cause a disaster, a scandal , a horror, a mystery you'd never solve, But instead my eyes remain focussed on... Continue Reading →


I didn't want to leave Roxy this morning, And I didn't want to be at home, Instead, at seven in the morning, All I wanted was to prowl the streets, My many selfs had walked, hundreds of times. However, I... Continue Reading →


I didn't really know how much the world was competing until I was plunged into its system. I knew that the media was lying to us, but I didn't know the extent of their deceit, let alone their potency. But... Continue Reading →


Exams are finally here. Before I came to a smart school, they were something that I could look forward to. I've been ignoring the fact, my whole life, but it's become really evident now how opposite I can be in... Continue Reading →

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