Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


October 2016


The future is controlled by the present. So in a way it can be a scary place, if the world around us is slowly falling away, spiralling out of control. But as it always has, the future was designed to... Continue Reading →



My mind is a tangle of complex roots, That intertwine and wrap around, Like the branches of a tree. They dig deep into places that even I, Want to but fear to know; Because a vault of dark secrets hide... Continue Reading →


Is it possible that all this depression was exaggerated by the raging lusts of the mind, And the supposed deterioration of a young vixen's physical form merely an extravagant show orchestrated in the dim chambers of a confused mind. All... Continue Reading →


I had begun to believe that there was no going back into the person that I once was, and the world that she lived in. But today, it was like I had walked into a beautiful painting where I once... Continue Reading →


Two pebbles lie on my eyelids, With the weight of these smooth pebbles pressing against the thin layer of skin that protects the egg-like eyeballs, And my brown pupils whose colours are now burning like flames in the night, The... Continue Reading →


I see the same roof everyday, And nothing changes when I feel the touch of the surface underneath, I loathe the same faces, whose eyes expose shiny, animated dollar signs, And the cowardice that surrounds the atmosphere is so powerful,... Continue Reading →


"Slowly, slowly, And quietly, so quietly, They tear away the only defences I have, These savages, so savagely, And without your mercy, so merciless. At the end I don't know if I will survive. Like a dying animal, Lifelessly, they... Continue Reading →


Reverse psychology has overtaken the mind of a young girl, She is distraught and knows the situation she is under, yet she condemns herself this to oblivion, She is not shackled to chains by force but by her own will,... Continue Reading →


The neglect of nurturing young souls has led into a widespread epidemic, Still, silent as we watch the lines of purity one by one being consumed into the grand scheme of cheating and lies, We will only have but negligence... Continue Reading →

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