Over the years samples of life collected from various places and times are embedded into the storehouses of my memory. The overwhelming sensation that rapidly approaches before the sudden thrust as a vision passes from the components of the eye into the hollow skull. Traveling through the sea of crimson blood, reaching the fist-sized organ; [...]



Often I find myself telling people that my childhood was a bore. But after some time, I find that most of the things that I say are most likely to please people. I am so infatuated with the idea of being alone. I loathe the company of others who I know will never offer to [...]


They shrugged off my questions gaping down into my broken soul; ostracising me to confusion and loneliness, Shadows became fleeting friends, coming and going, never permanent sources of support, And the only words that were exchanged between the reticent adolescents; words that were lifeless as a grave, Some who bought into the lies before their [...]


Only at the arrival of death will we receive wisdom. Eating sweet lies under the starry night sky, Minds intoxicated with strong drink and obsessions of the age. Credulous to every word, vulnerable to the first blow. Beauteous girls seduced by glamour wipe transpicuous tears from their eyes, Greedy boys bent on conquering, blinded by [...]


As I slept one night, specks of white lights were pervaded throughout the black sheet above... ...I dreamed a magnificent dream. In the dream, I saw soft dolls sitting up on a green carpet; the features of their painted faces ambivalent. Two children sat, the glass window above them; their delicate skin absorbing the assortment of colourful pink [...]