…Some of the things we’ve said are pretty thought-provoking. 9:53 PM

Yes. Change is scary. 9:51 PM

I LIVE to be a creative person. I never thought I was creative, but I really think that I want to be a creative person even if I’m not.  9:49 PM

Most of my poems are a reflection on how things were. I have to try and conceal the depression with incessant attempts at humour, because most of my mind lingers in the past, never the present and it always fears the future. 9:48 PM

It’s hard to spark an interest like that. But if the interest is alive, it’s something very beautiful and ever-lasting. It will carry on till the end of your days. 9:47 PM

It’s a little sad. I wish I wasn’t born in this era, but this era needs people who respect the past. If there weren’t people who respected the past then no one would remember the past and I feel like that is a big sin. 9:46 PM

…You’re right. If you try to tell this to someone else, they won’t really think it’s important and stuff. 9:43 PM

I wish I could go back in time to see every period of history. I have my favourites like the Early 1900’s, Ancient Romans and Egyptians. But each period has its now flair and style; it’s amazing what we could learn about human development and why some people are the way they are. 9:41 PM


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