Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


August 2016

An Ineffable Rant

After the period of regret, Approaches the season of thanksgiving, Where the foolish acts committed under the presence of an egotistical mind, Are fragments of a sad faded memory. Moments such as these; the helpless minutes, Where the downtrodden characters... Continue Reading →



Looking at the world around me, I no longer can comprehend why humans have selected the path of devotion, To pleasures that last temporarily and tokens that brag endlessly, quickly losing their flavour. A flavour that was never authentic, A... Continue Reading →

MAJIME at Night

...Some of the things we've said are pretty thought-provoking. 9:53 PM Yes. Change is scary. 9:51 PM I LIVE to be a creative person. I never thought I was creative, but I really think that I want to be a... Continue Reading →

Zoomed Out.

Lately, I've been watching videos on YouTube that speak a lot about the end times. I don't merely watch it for amusement but rather for a clear perspective on the world. Often we are so consumed with our own lives... Continue Reading →

My Eyes

It is fascinating that the goal of men has been to conquer and possess. To accumulate wealth and treasures to their so-called empire, So that they may flaunt their power and superiority, To those who look upon with disapproving or... Continue Reading →


Who accused the lethargic generation, Being as lifeless as their thoughts. Who doubted the power of pure slothfulness? Who laid the barriers of perfection, For the idle and inactive. Who said that we were the destructive, degenerative few? If we... Continue Reading →

The Epiphany Trilogy, Part III

REALIST This world is far from fair, Where the real barely make a living with their abilities, While the fake are showered with luxuries, For the work that shouldn’t be credited to them. You can tell me to change my... Continue Reading →


I've been talking or referring frequently about childhood in many of my posts over the last few months. Childhood is something important to me because I strongly feel that it was the only period in my life that was not... Continue Reading →

The Epiphany Trilogy, Part II

SMILE Yet still, I feel sorry for everyone around me, Mostly because we are all blind, Some more than others, Some coming to the realisation of the world around them. People say I’m plagued with sadness, They tell me that... Continue Reading →

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