Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


July 2016


When you were five you said:

“I want to go back to India.”

At seven, you started teaching me things.

At nine, you found friends that weren’t really yours.

At eleven, we shared our memories on the monkey bars.

At 13, you told me that I was too young to understand the things of the world.

Crushed, my memories stayed preserved in my mind…

…I wondered if you’d ever be the same on your fifteenth.

You’re sixteen now, oblivious and unaware. Does your birthday mean nothing now to you anymore?



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Wake Up

Some people have woken up to the world around them. They’ve woken up to the evil that surrounds them. The injustice that polluted their society. And some haven’t. Some have remained silent. Silenced by authority. Silenced by weapons. Silenced by threats. Their fear is always accompanied by the notion of death, that doesn’t come by their hand. They are the anonymous few. Some are still asleep, in a treacherous slumber. Everything is meaningless. It is all temporary.



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All I Can Give

I can’t give you wealth,

I can’t give you reputation,

But I’ll give you,

My relentless protection,

Whenever and wherever you are.


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The holidays are over for us. Tomorrow I’m going back to a very terrifying place, school. However, even though I associate school with the word ‘terrifying’ I will eventually get back into the old habits and start to love it. And why? Because for some inexplicable reason that annoys me very much, being in a certain place long enough makes me hesitant to leave it. I’m always scared that if I leave it, I’ll never be able to return and that this will be the last goodbye. That was the way I felt on the last day of term.

The first time is always the best time. Revisiting a place, knowing that you’ve changed, you won’t look at the place with the same enthusiasm, wonder and curiosity that you did on the first visit. When you’re little, when you know little, the world can seem like such a big place, something out of your reach. Like it was hard to comprehend, but that’s not the way everyone looks at the world.

The really sad thing is, if you try to tell this to someone who barely understands you, they’ll try and comfort you but their comfort doesn’t seem genuine or consoling. Their comfort only leaves you with more questions and confusion. People who don’t understand the world the way you do, only distort our perception. Is the world an unfair place for those who are learning?

I’m a student. And though I’m young, I don’t think I’ll ever know what I want to do. Because lately, distancing myself from the things that annoy me, like hypocrisy and cruelty, have been on my mind. I don’t think that people are realising that by trying to live our lives and trying to make a living for ourselves, we’re leading a selfish life. Can I call it selfish? I don’t know, but that’s how I’ve always looked at it.

I’ve watched others and tried to communicate my thoughts to them, but how could they understand? I saw that they didn’t really think about things like this and hearing from someone smaller and insignificant to them probably made them more hesitant to hear it. But the truth is, I’m confused. I can try to push it out of my head but when I put my thoughts where I can see them staring back at me, I feel less lonely.

My thoughts, are extensive. They jump from one thing to another. Seems that I have a problem with almost every little thing. I feel so alone and bound to the past. I could, if I wished, let go of it and unlock myself from what holds me back. But why would I, this is me, this is who I am, I find beauty in the things that no longer can exist. Because like every living thing in the world, our time here is never eternal.


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The Grateful Trilogy, Part III.


I’m still questioning if this life is right.

As I always do.

And there are times when I think yes,

But I’m still conflicted.

And there is so much I want to do, to be.

Yet I am my own enemy.

I used to love the night,

But sadly, it’s insignificant now.

All my life I’ve felt foreign and distant,

Even to the ones I’ve known since birth.

My friends are in my mind.

My enemies are within.


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All the beasts return to their routine,

Waking up with misery,

Bags under our eyes,

Loss of hope,

Eyes trained on the long green.


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The Grateful Trilogy, Part II.


Thinking comes best when we’re driving,

When the music plays,

Thoughts begin to flow,

But they’re not always comforting.

My thoughts have been of late,

Far from comforting.

Often at times,

While we’re driving,

The car speeding down the highway,

I wish that time could just stop.

That there was more to understand,

If we all moved at a slower rate.

I come to new places with a strict mindset,

I want anything but to be there,

I force myself to believe the fact,

That I could never love where I am now.

And strangely,

End up breaking my morals.

But there is more to this,

So much more I know I can discover,

Yet I never reach the core.

However I am scared,

Scared that knowledge will eventually,

Turn against me…as it has before.

Waking up and closing my eyes,

Have been important moments for me,

In the past few days,

And everything that I once believed,

Was impossible is now possible,

I never doubt it anymore.

And somehow,

Thanks be to God,

Amidst all this confusion,

There are hours in the day,

Where I am grateful and happy…

…This is what I live for.


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The Grateful Trilogy, Part I.


Travelling across the state,

With the music loud in my ears,

Watching day fade into the night,

Sunshine to moonlight.

Feeling sad for the ones I’ve left,

The home I live in,

The routine I grew used to,

Excitement to apathy.

The night is so pleasant,

The music is warm,

And while I feel free,

I still feel bound to the past.

Holding on,

To old memories,

While living in the moment,

Seems to be the only way I live now.



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