Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


June 2016

The Holidays.

The holidays marks the end to another term and distances us from the next term. It’s an endless cycle of term to holiday, where we are required to use the time we have to relax and try to forget about... Continue Reading →



It's only when I need to cry, When I'm so sad, That my thoughts become poetry. And even then, How do they understand, That my intentions were never harsh, That I never wanted your anger directed at me. Oh how... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #14

"The minutes are long. The days are short." -themeekarestillhere Click here for The Unforgettable #13. Email: Like, comment and subscribe?


Can you be afraid of yourself? Each and everyday, Wondering what you'll become, And ending up just confused; Hurting. Because you don't know your errors, You don't how you would fix them, If you did, And if you wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Unforgettable #13

"The ride back home makes sense of everything." -themeekarestillhere Click here for The Unforgettable #12. Email: Like, comment and subscribe?


I've come to the point, That even if freedom was offered, And no matter how much I needed it, How much I knew I was in disrepair, I wouldn't take it. Because I've learnt to like the hard life, And... Continue Reading →

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