Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


May 2016

Old Games

I thought I could be the influencer,

But my emotions got the better of me.

I became the one who was being played,

And who am I fooling?

Smiling, eyes trained on the T.V,

I’m a child.

Outside the door I go,

7AM and hopeful,

The music influences me.

I come back,

Crushed, and why?

There’s truth behind both masks,

Yet deceit also.


I longed to play,

Are now only reminders of pain,

Of things that cannot be.

But I’m running out of time,

Who are you?

The world stopped asking that…

Long ago.

Oh well…


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Fantasies & Utopias


My dark fantasies,

And perfect utopias,

Always changing,

As I change.

I know,

No-one cares about what I care about,

So instead,

Of taking comfort in that which returns to dust,

I take comfort in rejection,

And rejected ones,

And become rejected,

In my pursuit of comforting rejection.

My legacy will forever be,

The one who was born,

To not belong.

But these are all temporary,

To relive the glory of what will,

Never resurrect.


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What I love,

And cherish,

I can’t show it to you,

You can call it lost.

It is lost,

To the world,

But not to me,

I’m not like the world,

What I remember,

Dark, yet beautiful fantasies,

Seem to be more valuable than our little lives.


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The Unforgettable #12

“Behind everything you say; your words of authority, I will still remain me.”


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Childhood Dreams

The things I have now,

Are useless.

Back then,

I told myself,

I didn’t need anything more to be,


If I had what I have now.

So why is it,

That I am still sad?


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Imagination Part I.

I wish I was invisible. I wish I couldn’t be felt and I could roam the earth. I wish that was so, but it isn’t so. I wish that life could be more than just a movie. With each passing day, I’d watch as the world changed and adjusted; as we accepted the things that before we wouldn’t dare. I wish I was invincible. I would see the glory of battles that we read in history textbooks. But it just isn’t so.


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Observation Part II.

A fence divides me from the world. So strange, I see the world right in front of me but if I attempted to cross it, I’d be a fugitive. I’d be accountable for each and every step I take on the dry earth and dry grass. The music blares through my earphones and I feel like I’m in a movie. Ants below crawl the map of rocks underneath and the cold wind is ever unforgiving, yet so beautiful. I long for the wind to talk to me. Trucks drive past, tired working men probably singing along to tunes or eagerly listening to the news on the radio as they drive past The Garden and I never thought that I could feel so happy as I am now…


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Let me record this happiness,

Before it fades away.

I’ll title it happiness,

Because it might be the only one,

That I share with you.

Let me tell you,

My mind feels at ease,

At rest,

At peace.


I wept and prayed,

Asked for mercy,

And now,

I am at peace…

At last.

I thank the One above,

Who gave me this,


Let me tell you,

This is true happiness,


Trust in Him.


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The Unforgettable #11

“There will be people in the world who will destroy the things you love; it’s your job to bring your love back to life.”


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