Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


April 2016

Memory Part II.

Growing up I’d no idea that I was slowly being painted out of the painting, that someone else was going to take my place, because what I longed for was now coming true. I wish I were more grateful. I wish things could just stay in the place that they’re meant to be in. But it isn’t so. Everywhere I see others so eager to be something they’re not, something far above them and I feel sad. As a child on my playground, my castle, I was fearless and what I had was all I needed. I could escape from everything. I could be something great in my own eyes. When you’re great though, you feel that you need more to be great. Shiny credit cards, a double storey house, independent women with handbags and the loss of innocence: adults. How did I ever come to love this..?


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It’s an ongoing cycle,

Where the pain never ends,

And the confusion is plentiful.

If they could only stop,

And listen to what I have to say,

Maybe their minds would change.

Maybe we would all change,

And this life wouldn’t feel like everything is,



That will never happen.

And this is what I have to go through,

To wait and see,

Where I’ll end up.

The things I look forward to,

End up being shattered,

Like glass,

But I’m still grateful and I’ll make the same mistakes,

In order for me to be a better person,

Who understands life,

More than others.

Or so I hope.


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Memory Part I.

A long time ago, I longed to be a part of the adult world. Fascinated by the people I was around, adults mostly, the desire was born. However, I always knew that the things I longed for never happened immediately. They always told me; you have to wait for these things, but when the things I want are granted, I no longer want them. Despite having the urge to be something great, understanding the world now because I am an adult was a dream that died like a candle blown out by the wind. And how I long for that playground, where it was always beautiful. Where the colours were vibrant; rustic brown, ocean blue and ruby red. It was a flawless painting, painted by the most precise and loving hands there ever were.


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The Unforgettable #9

I think a lot. Thinking gives me purpose…

“The things that hold us back now; we’ll miss them when we’re faced with new obstacles.”


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