Last weekend,

I watched some TV.

I don’t usually,

Especially reality TV.

But I did.

And there was this contestant,

He was from an African country,

Escaped some terrible war.

And came here,

To Australia for a better life.

At first he seemed nervous,


But his message,

Blew me away.

Living in a country like Australia,

We don’t understand,

How blessed we are.

Things like water,

We just throw away.

While others are fighting over drops of,

Polluted water,

Because the clean water is scarce.

I don’t agree with politics,

Never saw it useful,

But leaders here offer us,

Much more freedom to do what we want.

And over there,

They’re governed by people,

Who obviously don’t care about the strife,

And daily toil of their own blood.

Their own blood.

We complain that we don’t have it all,

When really,

We have it all.

Men are evil,


We hurt our own kind,

And reject what is right.


I know that I can never stop saying this,

But I’m sorry for being such a sinner,


And thinking about myself rather than others,

And above all,


Forgive me.


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