Sometimes I think about then,
If I could travel back to the past,
Maybe some few days ago,
Or years.
And I think,
What I’d do different,
Now that I know I’m me.
How could I tweak the past so that things,
Were smoother.
And I know that if I could,
I could never be me.
One decision in life,
Changes everything.
Destruction, devastation, demoralisation.
That’s where I’d be.
I realise that the decisions I make based on His will,
They’ll shape me.
And I’ll dwell on the past,
Happy with who I am for now.
I’ll do my best,
Hold in the tears,
Smile at the enemy and laugh,
Laugh until I cry.
And I’ll pray.
Kneel and say,
‘Thank-you Lord. Amen.’



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