Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


February 2016

The Unforgettable #1

I think a lot. Thinking gives me purpose…

“The more and more you try to control your life, the less and less it even feels like you’re living a life.”

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Last weekend,

I watched some TV.

I don’t usually,

Especially reality TV.

But I did.

And there was this contestant,

He was from an African country,

Escaped some terrible war.

And came here,

To Australia for a better life.

At first he seemed nervous,


But his message,

Blew me away.

Living in a country like Australia,

We don’t understand,

How blessed we are.

Things like water,

We just throw away.

While others are fighting over drops of,

Polluted water,

Because the clean water is scarce.

I don’t agree with politics,

Never saw it useful,

But leaders here offer us,

Much more freedom to do what we want.

And over there,

They’re governed by people,

Who obviously don’t care about the strife,

And daily toil of their own blood.

Their own blood.

We complain that we don’t have it all,

When really,

We have it all.

Men are evil,


We hurt our own kind,

And reject what is right.


I know that I can never stop saying this,

But I’m sorry for being such a sinner,


And thinking about myself rather than others,

And above all,


Forgive me.


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One Wish?


I’m fourteen now.

Almost fifteen.

And I’m beginning to think,

Think about my life.

How far have I come?

How much happiness have I experienced?

And how much sadness?

What have I learnt?

When I first came to this country,

I was displeased with the life I had,

Feeling somewhat unprivileged.

Yet intrigued.

I longed for a new taste,

A new colour,

A new flavour.

But I continued to savour each and every,

Strange moment of the life I had to be in.

It wasn’t always necessarily good.

But I remember such good times,

That only I could remember.

The beautiful days and the calm nights.

The thunder and the rain,

Followed by cool breezes and shallow puddles.

I remember church and Sunday School.

The good and not-so-nice kids.

And I remember the Sunday lunches.

I’ve only come to fourteen years,

Yet I feel like I’ve seen and felt so much.

I can’t fit it into this poem.

I wonder if you’re reading this and you’re thinking the same thing?

You may not care,


I just have to thank my God for this life,

I’m unworthy of.

And my respect for those before me and,

My utmost respect and reverence for Him.

And his gift.

Amen. Praise the Lord!


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People are always telling me to be positive,

But how can I?

When I know that the reality is…

Millions in poverty,

Millions suffering from depression and rejection,

Millions that have been treated unfairly,




I grew up with a lot of those things,

When I look back,

If someone had reached out to me,

I could never be the person I am today,

I could never understand the reality,

And how blessed I am.

I know now that God put me through all those terrible moments,

In my life,

So that He could give me a passion to help others.

To put others before me,

And to put God above all.

And all I want to do is to help them,


I know that I can’t do everything,

Jesus Christ has already done that.

But I want to do something,

To tell everyone that I care.

And we should care too,

Because we’re all one and the same,

We can’t live without love,

We can’t live without the Lord.


All we really want to do is help ourselves,

When life is good,

We don’t care about others,

And that’s what the world has come to.

We don’t see the hurt,

And the pain that others are going through.

We can’t even imagine it,

Till we see it.

It’s time to help others.

That’s all I want to say,

And somehow,

And I really hope and pray that one day,

That blessed opportunity will arise…

Thank-you Lord, Amen.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.


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My Message.

Sometimes we ask people why they write,

The usual response is because they can,

The answer is hardly ever because they have a voice,

We have a voice.

Writing has been viewed as a skill only a selective few,

Can harness.

But it’s not,

We write because we want to be heard,

Because we have something to share,

And our opinion may not always be important to others,

But all that really matters is that we have a voice.

And that makes it all the more important.

I do not write because I am good at it,

I’m not good at it,

I write because I want to be heard,

Fourteen years,

Four months,

Still counting.

To help others like me,

Out there.

A voice in the wilderness.

It’s because I have a voice,

That God gave me,

And I am going to share it.

And that’s all that matters.


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It’s hard when you really just want someone to understand you,

You don’t want to reveal too much,

But you at least for once,

Would prefer to be understood.

You are scared,

At the consequences if you reveal too much,

How will it impact others.

Life is always changing,

And you are changing with it,

As is the truth.

Distorting your story,

Better just not bring it up.

Why open more wounds?

The heart hurts more than any physical pain.

All the things you’ve done,


They’re nothing if no-one ever remembered you for who really were,

Or are.

Have a wonderful weekend & be prepared..!


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We Are in the End.

Last week I posted a blog called ‘Tip of the Iceberg.’ I stated:

“…however I have a very deep interest you could say in conspiracy theories. And yes, I do believe in some of them.”

 Today, I watched a video. It was about a very popular singer who had released an album called ‘ANTI‘. The video was accused for it’s heavy use of Satanic themes and messages in all the eight rooms by many YouTube conspiracy theorists. But one thing was for sure, the album’s main message was to promote and warn the viewers that the ‘mark of the beast‘ was coming.

Some of you may say, what is the mark of the beast? And I can give you no other response than the one that is recorded in the Bible, in the book of Revelation 13: 16-17;

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

If you’re still confused, the mark of the beast is placed on those either in the forehead or right hand in the last days. It represents submission to the Devil or to the ‘beast’. As I was watching the video, I knew that I needed to spread the truth around more. I know that I am going to be held accountable for everything I have done when I am judged by God and I want to make sure I’ve done my utmost to honour Him…

 By taking the mark, they are able to buy, sell and have security. For those who don’t, they are seen as fools and a threat to them and are persecuted for their unheard defiance.

It sounds too much. But it’s true, this is a Christian’s life. How else can we show we love the Lord if we cannot trust Him even in tribulation? Like John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Throughout all the eight rooms, I felt sad to watch the singer. She started off portrayed as a very pure girl, unaware of the influences of the entertainment industry until she was seduced and blinded by the glitter and glamour of fame. All of it temporary…

All of a sudden she became a puppet, a minion who had to set an example for the world. I know I’m not meant to judge people by their outward appearances, but she seemed to convey some sort of dark message through the use of her make-up and attire in all the eight rooms of the ANTI DiaRy.

The first scene; she is wearing a light dress, with neat yet slightly messy hair and a clean, natural face. These represent the reckless yet innocent nature of almost a child. In a way, she shows that she didn’t know what she was getting into. Until she was initiated into the dark industry, she was like a child, oblivious.

 In the same room, she walks into another room that looks like a long, dark hallway. Following a child with a crown over her eyes and ends up at this almost futuristic sort of room, like a laboratory. You see right before your eyes, her change from purity to shame. She is clearly going through a phase where she seems to be possessed. She emerges wearing shiny, dark clothing with dark, heavy make-up and straight hair. It is complete. Almost like she is on a mission.

And she is on a mission; a mission to mislead the masses. And by destroying her good image, others who adore her will follow in her footsteps. I believe that if she had the choice now she wouldn’t want anymore of this misery. And I probably can say that for many of the celebrities in the entertainment industry today.

I could go on and on about the Satanic themes and messages in the ANTI diary album, but I think that you would find it much more interesting if you researched it yourself. However, if you ever bother to investigate this, I have set up a few links to give you a good start:

Rihanna’s Satanic #AntiDiaRy Celebrates End Times as Imminent

666 It Has Begun!

Illuminati & The Music Industry 2013 (PART 1 and 2)


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Innocence Destroyed

We spend our days,

Waiting for a person,

Who volunteers.

The only one who isn’t scared.

Doesn’t mind the murmuring,

The rolling eyes,

The shattered reputation.

And we all follow after,

While some criticise,

So that we can do it too.

We never are actually the first.

We leave that job to the brave.

We won’t raise our hand.

We’ll teach our offspring,

Don’t burden yourself.

They’ll be others to do the unpleasant jobs,

In life.

But when you look at yourself in the mirror,

You can’t.

You’re afraid of yourself.

The shame,

The regret,

The fear.

Being different,

A new thrill,

An adventure.

But the brave,

They won’t look at themselves,

In the mirror with superiority,

They’ll pass down the same humility,

The courage and compassion,


Down into a new soul.

Another generation passes.

New one,


I was inspired by ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee.


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Tip of the Iceberg

I was listening to the news headline today in shock. Usually I don’t pay much heed to the news. I sometimes don’t find it trustworthy but yesterday after school listening to the radio, this particular issue got my attention as soon as the words ‘dark web’ were mentioned.

I’m not an expert in the news field. I struggle at keeping updated with the world at present and choose to spend my time on other personal interests. I’m not an expert in information technology either, however I have a very deep interest you could say in conspiracy theories. And yes, I do believe in some of them.

Go ahead, click that ‘unsubscribe’ button or ignore this post. But remember that something drew you to it and maybe, oh maybe… it just might be worthwhile.

All I have to say is, the ‘deep web’ and the ‘dark web’ are not places you should be playing on. It is an uncharted place of terrible stories and content that is unheard of on there.

It’s a dangerous place where people do not respect your privacy or your value as a human being. They set prices on us, labelling us. All they care about is making that profit. They don’t care about the government, which is why they’re underground. It’s a complex world down there and they won’t view you as an individual. These people who make business with others, know what they’re doing and for someone who is mindlessly playing around in the labyrinth of the ‘deep web’ you may find yourself in a trap.

However, while to others you may just be an object, I want to remind everyone that they are priceless and I just hope that no-one will ever wander off into the dark places under the surface of the Internet. Especially teenagers, who most probably don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. The ‘deep web’ only makes us develop a dangerous addiction, it scares and demoralises ourself as a unique person in the world.

We are priceless. There is no point wasting your precious time on Earth in those places. All I have to say and can say is that God loves us. He didn’t mean for anything like this to happen.

He didn’t want us to have poverty, starvation, war, famine. We chose this ourselves. We couldn’t resist our temptation and now we are in a very insecure world. You think you are safe? You aren’t. And each day, more and more people are leading sinful lives without the knowledge that there is a Saviour above. Hate drives them, revenge fuels them and sadness stimulates them. We should spend our time praying for one another, for God said to love another and forgive your enemies.

The Internet can be a great place for things like social media and all, but the ‘deep web’ is 4000-5000 times larger than the Internet ‘we live on’. And that’s just the estimate. We are on the tip of the iceberg… Once again, Satan is deceiving you.

The Only One, and the Only One who can help you is the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust in Him. For if God is with us, who can be against Us? No-one and nothing.


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