Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


February 2016

The Unforgettable #1

I think a lot. Thinking gives me purpose... "The more and more you try to control your life, the less and less it even feels like you're living a life." Photo Credits: -themeekarestillhere Email: Like, comment and subscribe?



Last weekend, I watched some TV. I don't usually, Especially reality TV. But I did. And there was this contestant, He was from an African country, Escaped some terrible war. And came here, To Australia for a better life. At... Continue Reading →

One Wish?

Fourteen. I'm fourteen now. Almost fifteen. And I'm beginning to think, Think about my life. How far have I come? How much happiness have I experienced? And how much sadness? What have I learnt? When I first came to this... Continue Reading →


People are always telling me to be positive, But how can I? When I know that the reality is... Millions in poverty, Millions suffering from depression and rejection, Millions that have been treated unfairly, Bullied, Criticised, Oppressed. I grew up with a... Continue Reading →

My Message.

Sometimes we ask people why they write, The usual response is because they can, The answer is hardly ever because they have a voice, We have a voice. Writing has been viewed as a skill only a selective few, Can harness. But it's... Continue Reading →


It's hard when you really just want someone to understand you, You don't want to reveal too much, But you at least for once, Would prefer to be understood. You are scared, At the consequences if you reveal too much,... Continue Reading →

We Are in the End.

Last week I posted a blog called 'Tip of the Iceberg.' I stated: "...however I have a very deep interest you could say in conspiracy theories. And yes, I do believe in some of them."  Today, I watched a video.... Continue Reading →

Innocence Destroyed

We spend our days, Waiting for a person, Who volunteers. The only one who isn't scared. Doesn't mind the murmuring, The rolling eyes, The shattered reputation. And we all follow after, While some criticise, So that we can do it... Continue Reading →

Tip of the Iceberg

I was listening to the news headline today in shock. Usually I don't pay much heed to the news. I sometimes don't find it trustworthy but yesterday after school listening to the radio, this particular issue got my attention as soon as... Continue Reading →

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