Maybe when I’m older I’ll say,

That life isn’t so bad.

I can go anywhere.

I’ll go searching to relive a new experience of pure happiness,

Like nothing matters anymore.

If it ever did.

At nights I’ll spend my days pondering,

Crying because no-one understands my silly dream.

I’ll lie awake in the early hours of the new day,

Looking at the beautiful view of the violet sky,

Being grateful for the dusty window of a dysfunctional room.

Water and the roof over my head.

And I’ll think back,

Childhood days.

Knowing now I’m not a child,

Waste my days being a day-dreamer,

I’ll take pleasure of being a girl chasing after invisible dreams.

Until they realise.

Relive my glory days.


And I’ll wait for the terrible destruction to finally end all the imperfections.