Today is the eve of Christmas Eve.

The more and more closer we get to the big day, the more and more I’m surrounded by lots of carols, over-enthusiastic people and Christmas talk.

As a reminder, make sure to stay tuned for my special Christmas Day blog.

A lot of people are so anxious to be celebrating Christmas Day. But I’m more worried about how quickly the day will end. This is something I always think about.

Like this year, when I was celebrating my birthday. We were going to invite a lot of our friends and all but I was more concerned about how I would feel at the end of the celebration.

I guess in a way, you can call me attached to people. Every time someone whose company I’ve throughly enjoyed, has to go home… I feel very sad. I want them to stay because when they’re here I don’t feel changed, but I can’t hold them back from their adventures. Like letting them go means I have to learn something I don’t want to learn.

When I try to explain this to someone, people will probably say that I’m over-sensitive. I’m a worry-wart and I need to get out more often.

I’ve titled this blog ‘breaking point’. Because I’m just sick and tired of the way people view my perceptions. Anyway, if any of you feel like this… Worried, because you don’t want the joy to end. You at least know that there’s someone else just like you. Me.