I stayed home all throughout the day, but I did go out. Just some shopping in the afternoon with the warm breeze blowing ahead. We bought lots of vegetables.

It got quite cold yesterday, but the Sun came back to us once more. You’d be surprised how quickly the weather changes in Melbourne. It can be a normal Summer day and the temperature can drop so low at night, you’d have thought it’s Winter. Yes, that’s Melbourne…

Christmas is so quickly approaching so if you’re still doing your Christmas shopping, I have a helpful blog post on that:


Gifts are just so great! Not only are they attractive but the suspense you get from tearing away the pretty wrapping only to be amazed at the treasure inside. However, have you ever had a bad gift?

Bad gifts are terrible. They’re so disappointing and what’s worse you have to pretend that the gift is what you’ve always wanted. I’ve had several experiences like that in my life. Like yesterday, I got a nail polish set and I had to put on my ‘I-absolutely-adore-it’ face in front of the giver. I’ve kind of made a pact with myself not to indulge in those attractions.

It’s terrible. You end up feeling horrible inside. A sick horrible and you stare at the object thinking about what you’re going to do with it. In the end, you end up passing on the rejected object to someone who may or may not like it.

What’s the problem about my little rant?

In this world, we’re assumed that we’ll like certain objects. Because we barely have time to get to know each other, we rush during this season of gift-giving. The only time of joy and gifts can very well turn out to be discouraging for some.

What I’m trying to say is that, the world is so consumed with the hustle and bustle of daily activities, important things in life like getting to know little things about others is pushed away to the side. That may not be you this Christmas, but I’m sure there’s more than one person out there hurting.

Hurting so bad. It may be you or someone you know. But no-one ever should feel like that, especially as the way people develop affects every single aspect of our lives. The way we socialise, live, talk and work. It’s what makes me, me. You, you. And us, a race.