I’d just like to announce that on Christmas Day, I’m releasing a special blog just because I am so grateful of what I’ve achieved throughout the year and to express my gratitude for all the views and followers who’ve encouraged and inspired me on the journey..! It’s a secret, but I’ll give you one hint: Christmas…

…Sunday mornings. It’s usually the same. Wake up, pray, get ready, barely eat and head off to church. Today we had a Christmas service, even though it’s a few days before the special day, we got quite festive. Every song we sang was Christmas-y and the sermon was Christmas related too.

When I came home, I was exhausted and tired. Mostly because of the heat. But there was good news…after many days of non-stop hot weather, we were finally going to have a respite from Summer’s wrath. There would be rain!

I love Summer rain, it’s so nice. You have a humid climate and cold drops of glorious rain pouring down from the sky; it makes me feel alive. Electric. Like a sugar rush. But unfortunately, we all know that after a sugar rush you’re eventually going to run out of energy. And this is the downside to humid weather, you kind of get quite lazy. Me anyway.

I read more of the ‘Catcher in The Rye’ by J.D. Salinger today. I’m working fairly well through it, making sure to remember important parts. I’ve kind of set up a goal that each day I’ll read a chapter. And I’ve counted all the chapters, and judging from where I’m at…I’ll finish the book well before the deadline. Mathematics. How helpful.

Speaking of the book, it just gets more and more realistic. Kind of dark…depressing and monotonous. Just the way it’s written, I wonder what made the author write this novel. When books are written in a way that grabs your attention, you want to know more about the person behind the work. Questions.

For lunch, I had chicken curry with coconut rice. It sounds nice but if you had it regularly, well then it’s just boring. It’s nice, but boring. Kind of like a lot of things today.

Anyway, I cannot believe that I’ve come this far on my series. The eighth day already? That means four more days of this series and then Christmas Day. Oh, Christmas Day. How depressing…I already stated at the very first post, that I wasn’t looking forward to you.

Before you label me as a Grinch which I would take as a compliment, the Grinch is cool, I’m not a hater. It’s just I feel like I’m expected to have a stereotype for this festive season. And I can’t do that. It freaks me out, because I’m always changing mode and people always demand a single thing of me. Well, there’s my pointless rant anyway. Sorry about that.

But just because I’m miserable about this ‘not-white’ Christmas in Australia, doesn’t mean all you wonderful people out there can’t enjoy your well-deserved holiday. So please do…and this is my cue to sign out..!