Have you ever watched a movie so many times that you didn’t like it anymore, but you felt sad because you thought after watching it the first time you could never possibly hate it? Randomly asking…

The lesson I learned was to never assume so quickly of certain emotions. Speak wise. And I know that it didn’t affect me physically, but I kind of feel regretful that I ever said that today, because the things I usually end up vowing blindly are broken.

Another lesson I learned was to never watch a film more than ten times. It really can get boring. Well, in my experience anyway. Today was once again unbeatably hot. So once more we locked ourselves within the four walls of our house. Shutting away all sunlight and heat waves.

I watched a film called ‘Lemonade Mouth’ that was aired on television today. And you’re probably thinking that I’ve nothing better to do than watch films all day long. And my response to you is…

…One, in Summer you barely do anything apart from lazing around and eating when indoors. Two, it’s the holidays, why can’t I? And lastly, if you were in my shoes, without anyone but your family which you see everyday, you’d probably do the same.

The really cool thing about this movie was the fact that it stressed the concept of ‘freedom of speech.’ Earlier this year at school, we studied human rights and a certain human right we focused on a lot, was freedom of speech.

I began to think of how many people today are too scared to be themselves or to voice their own opinion. How others can be so manipulative and judgemental of each other really got me thinking.

We always strive to fit in with society’s standards and at a time in our lives we’ve all faced this in one way or another. I’m not starting a campaign to encourage freedom of speech…But I’m just letting everyone who bothers to stop by to read this post, that it’s okay that you’ve gone through this because you will get out of this. And it’s in no way, cliché. Life is anything but cliché unless you wish it to be.

Often at school, being religious, I was criticised for my beliefs. And in my mind, I’ve always seen two types of people: people that wish that they never had to be that type of person and others who wished that they never had to face such people in their life.

I always wished that the people who made fun of my religion never existed. I knew I didn’t need them or anything. But as I grew up…you’d be surprised how people have changed. But that’s just life I guess. Anything but cliché.