Because of the intense weather conditions, we were forced to remain housebound. The moment after I checked my emails this morning, I rushed over to my bedroom; to the novel which I was almost through with. And within 20-30 minutes I had completed it.

It was a calm ending. Satisfactory, but nothing mind-blowing. The rest of the day we stayed at home and with nothing else to do so I decided to watch two films. The first was ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ and the second was ‘The Tale of Desperaux’.


Both were films I had watched ages ago, as a child, and I decided to reunite with the pair once more. When you watch something after the first, second and third time you begin to pay attention to each detail and scene of a film. And I did just that today. And so, I want to talk about ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’.

The origin of the film goes back in time to the 1600’s when a man named John Bunyan was imprisoned for preaching the gospel in public. Whilst in prison, he dreamt a dream. A dream which showed the incredible story of a burdened man named Christian.

Christian lived in the City of Destruction and he was constantly worried about his life. He saw the city, in which he lived, about to be consumed by a raging fire and all the people in it; perished, due to their sin. He began to read the Word of God and pray, but many around him rebuked him and said that his acts of devotion were in vain.

So one day, Christian was visited by a man named Evangelist who told him that if wanted to save himself and his family from the fires he would have to take a perilous journey to the marvellous Celestial City. The beauty of this story shows how we too, Christians, undergo the same tribulations as Christian did.

Tempted, persecuted, harassed and murdered because of our love for God. As I revisited this film, I was reminded how important our faith is. And it is always refreshing to know that.

I know that Jesus cares for us all and I understand how sad it can be when others have led and died an ungodly life. And I know, religion is seen as an illogical lifestyle today, but I know and believe that there is nothing more important than the path Jesus has given each and everyone one of us.