Even though today was another day spent at home, I did get to go outside. We went to buy our school books for next year. The first thing I did in the morning was pray. After I pray, I always check my mails for three different accounts: personal, blogging and school.

After that, I get ready, I have to admit, I am a bit lazy. I take an hour or even more just to get ready but it’s the holidays, so it’s all well and good. The first thing I usually consume is water; spending an hour or more getting ready can be really dehydrating.

After drinking two cups of water, I look for something to eat. Yesterday, I had something quite spicy, but today I went simple and opted for cereal and milk. And after eating, I like to play music. This segment of my day is really relaxing and fun.

Even though it isn’t Spring, we did ‘Spring-clean’ the whole house. It was quite intense and I really got annoyed being in the house. There is just so much noise. But I do have to say, it feels real nice when the whole house is cleaned. Fresh!

Anyway, at around 1PM we went to the school book store to buy our items for next year. I love going to the book store because you have to find each and every item by its number. It’s like I am on a quest, getting closer to the treasure with each and every item found.

Also, there was barely anyone there which meant it was super quiet, peaceful and stimulating. The perfect environment for book-hunting.

‘The Sound of Music’ DVD is still sitting on the coffee table of our lounge room and my fingers are itching to tear away the plastic cover off it and put it in the DVD player. But I have to wait a little longer for that sensation.

We also bought ‘The Catcher in The Rye’ and I am immensely ecstatic. I’ve found it difficult of having to read it online due to its physical absence, but now that I’ve my very own physical copy…well I am just relieved.

Speaking of the novel, it’s getting real interesting. I am up to Chapter 6 and I’m not trying to spoil anything at all, but just letting out little hints. Currently, the narrator, Holden Caulfield, has written a composition for his friend Stradlater.

Stradlater, who is his roommate, has asked him to write a composition because he is going out on a date with a girl and just doesn’t have enough time to complete it. What’s even interesting is that his date just happens to be Holden Caulfield’s neighbour who he thought had gone to another school. Anyway, even though Holden Caulfield has failed four out of five subjects and was leaving the school, his friend consulted him for help anyway because the only subject which he passed in was English. And he was extremely good at it.

Everything’s all old and that, but it’s simple, funny and real.

When I came back home, my fingers couldn’t resist running through the pages of the novel, but my stomach was also complaining. I hadn’t eaten lunch, well technically I did eat something, just not something appropriate for le déjeuner.

I had caramel ice-cream. It was too hot to have anything else and at the time, I felt it was sufficient, but now when I think about it, maybe not. So anyway, I am going to have some tasty corn to satisfy my stomachs’ cry. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and check out the link below for Day 3.