A day spent at home. The only things which keep me occupied are mostly food, playing violin and homework. Homework isn’t too bad though. I have been asked to read two books, one of which I am thoroughly enjoying, for holiday homework. This happens to be the only holiday homework I was assigned to do.

The book is called Catcher in The Rye by J.D. Salinger. The teacher said that it focuses on teen angst but it doesn’t matter to me what it is about. I really like the simple language; a teenager who speaks for himself, with ordinary feelings. Even though it was published in 1951, I feel very attached to it, like the place is almost tangible.

The only problem is that I have to read it before holidays are over, so I am trying to get it over with as soon as possible. I always worry. To relieve the stress, I play music, watch TV and drink lots and lots of water, which is no surprise especially due to the Summer heat. Every day, in the afternoon I watch the same TV show. It’s called ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ which is set in the 1960’s. I’ve always wanted to travel back in time, and possibly live in the Golden Age of Hollywood…before technology would take ahold of our lives.

Even though the whole idea of the show is preposterous. I find the whole notion of a mythical being living in modern society quite amusing. Not only has she beauty but wit. She is an innocent and caring person who wants the best for the people around her but usually ends up exacerbating the situation as a whole. It turns out well in the end, all the time, happy for all and for some baffling but it’s all fun and games..!

Every time I watch it, I imagine the possibilities. What life would be like if our each and every wish was granted..? But, if life was like that, how boring would it be? Getting tired with each and every thing we had because we didn’t toil away for it; not having the satisfaction of a well-earned prize.

Anyway, moving on to food…in the morning, I had two rotis with spicy hummus. The hummus had a tangy bite, and the bread was the perfect base to hold the spread; its’ warmth and crispiness; an ideal accompaniment to the peppery paste. I usually have breakfast late, so I try to go with something heavy but healthy.

Like I said, the days are warm but I still long for Winter’s chill. At the moment, Spring is clinging onto us with all it’s effort but by the end of December, it’s sure to be unbelievably hot. Heat waves, the scorching Sun and the burning ground, things I dread most about Summer.

But what I really hate is that every Summer, people always think that the best way to enjoy the holidays is by embracing the Sun by going to theme parks or the swimming pool. Some people like to camp outdoors with friends and family, which isn’t possible for me because of two reasons…

…One, my family is not so into the outdoor life and two, most of our family is overseas and our friends usually have different end of year plans.

So I’m living my life this Summer, barely able to step out without feeling nauseous by the humidity. Staying in air-conditioned rooms to keep well-preserved. Living off cool drinks and ice creams. The very notion of Summer holidays brings back terrible associations of being profoundly sick.

7PM. What was a casual trip to buy some tomatoes for dinner, very well turned out to be a Christmas shopping journey. We bought cups, crockery and even a film…The Sound of Music.

I am super excited to watch it, possibly during Christmas Day. Anyway, today was unbearably hot but I think that maybe I can handle what Summer has got in store for me.