Welcome to the very first day of my ‘Twelve Days of Blogging’ series! Today, I have chosen to blog about what has happened throughout my day. And, it just so happened to be a Sunday, which means that I went to church.

On Sunday’s it is very usual for me to spend most of the day at church or with others. Starting off, I woke up, prayed, got dressed, drank a tiny probiotic drink and then went to church.

Church is a really calm place. Also, there are a lots of old people in Australian churches…I mean a lot. A ratio of old people to adults and children being 4:3… But nonetheless, that means it’s extra peaceful because they usually all have feeble voices which is endearing yet extremely difficult to hear. I try to back away whenever any old folk try to make conversation with me. I get it, they’re being amiable, but me not being able to hear you is not so amiable… I’m not the offending type. Anyway, I know that a lot of people may not go to church so this is my detailed description for you.

After church, we came back home, and I was starving! This is usual for me, because I barely have time to eat breakfast so I end up binging at around 11AM to 1PM, but I try to keep it healthy…

Later on in the day, we were going to be performing up to three Christian Christmas songs at another church. We were singing Jingle Bells with a Christian twist, Mary Did You Know and The Servant King.

However, we only ended up only performing one song, The Servant King. It’s a really nice song, you should check it out on YouTube. I wasn’t in the festive mood anyway, so it didn’t mean much to me that we only performed a third of what we’d rehearsed for before. Admittedly, I am not looking forward to Christmas this year.

Unfortunately, I took a lot of photos today but they were all deleted and I could not obtain them anymore. I was furious. I really wanted the first day to be super exciting and detailed! And I hope that this disappointment will not reoccur for tomorrow’s blog.

I have decided to compensate by taking some photos at home. These are things we have collected over the years like the angel fountain and the miniature Christmas tree as gifts from friends. I hope that the photos I’ve put in are satisfactory. However, I completely understand if they aren’t and apologise for starting off this blog so miserably.

On a lighter note, it would be super great if you could visit my ‘Contact’ page if you feel so inclined to email me. I am happy to answer any emails. Also, I’ve updated my get-to-know me page which is called ‘You Might Want to Read This’. It’s so much better than the one before. So please look through it!