Even though my family isn’t huge on the whole Christmas-idea and never have been, I personally, do love receiving presents. So in honour of the festive season that is rapidly approaching, I decided to give you a little sneak-peek into what I’ve done to make other’s Christmases just a little bit more special…

Starting off, I want to talk about chocolates. Now, it seems that everyone apart from me, loves chocolate. And of course, I totally agree if people want to spend their Christmas indulging on decadent premium confectionary. But, it’s important to remember that chocolates don’t last forever, so if you are deciding to give a gift to your ‘someone special’ make sure they remember it.


I decided to purchase these little bags with a tag on the handles. I specifically liked the simple design and the satin handles, it adds a lot of sophistication and they were less than $2. Smart shopping on a budget! You’ll probably be able to find something similar at your $2 shop or an ‘arts/crafts’ store.


Each bag had a variety of gifts ranging from chocolates to books, perfumes to jewellery, and bracelets to brooches. As you can see, I decided to use more, well I guess you could call it long-lasting gifts rather than temporary gifts. This is just because I believe, or well think, that each gift holds a memory and should be treasured and well-preserved by the person receiving it.


I also decided to go for body bath sets. Let me just say, women love these gifts, they simply treasure them. It gives them a reason to pamper themselves…and sometimes they just want to feel half their age. And why can’t they..? I mean, it is Christmas.


I also threw in a scarf here, candles there, ribbons, purses and other accessories. If you have anything like scarves, I recommend putting it at the base of your gift to elevate the items which are going in after. Not only does it add a nice base but also makes the gifts on top look a lot bigger than what they really are.


One thing I didn’t do with my Christmas gifts was include a card. Instead, I decided to write a few small messages on the tag of my bag handle. If you do have those tag handles, I suggest writing their name fancy-like, and write your messages in the centre. After, in tiny writing, write who it’s from, which is obviously you.


But most importantly, I think that giving is the best gift. Obviously, we don’t get anything back in return but the satisfaction that we have a generous, caring heart.


I hope that you enjoyed this ‘Christmas Edition’ blog post. And speaking of gifts, I’d like to announce that starting from the 13th of December I am going to start a new series. So each day, I am either blogging about my daily life or selecting a photo each day from my recent blogs and reflecting on them, especially since we are approaching the end of the year. Stay tuned for my ‘Twelve Days of Blogging’ series.



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