Hello everyone,

Once again, I apologise for my absence. Of course at the end of the year, examinations, reports and many other hectic, time-taking events take over our lives. But as we are nearing the end of Spring, down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I wanted to create a DIY in honour of this flavourful season. I call it my…



Spring Miniature Jar




For this easy DIY, you will need:

-a transparent mason jar.

In addition, I collected an assortment of…

-vibrant flowers, two of which were these rich maroon colour and a fluorescent yellow to contrast with it.

I deliberately selected these bright colours to represent the different flavours of Spring.

-Leaves and twigs were the building blocks for these miniature jars…

…and they also add raw authenticity. I opted for a…

-tiny lemon that had not fully ripened.

It was not specifically for design, but more so to scent the jar with its tangy aroma.


Starting off, I placed leaves at the base of the jar, along with my small lemon.


The rich pink flowers went in next, I pushed these to the side where they could be seen.


Then I began to throw in the twigs, the yellow flowers and dandelions. I shook the jar a little to consistently position things and then submerged it under water. I particularly think that by filling it with water, it added more depth and dimension.


In the end, that was pretty much all the labour and love in order to create these cute, yet symbolic jars.


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