Another countryside trip to Yarrawonga; a small town that stands out to its tourists because a river runs around it which forms the separation between the Victorian countryside to New South Wales.  10/02
I visited Yarrawonga when I was around eight years old, and that time I had no idea that it separated Victorians from the NSW citizens and when I found out about that secret, I was very fascinated. I expected to have an extraordinary experience, because it’s not everyday you get that kind of an event occurring, but all that I could manage to extract from that moment when we crossed the bridge into the new state was a tiny sign that read;

‘Welcome to New South Wales’

I was utterly disappointed. Nothing special in that. And it’s still there today.

This is about the third time I have visited Yarrawonga and I decided to capture some photos of the scenery in this little town and also landscape pictures of the three-hour journey. It was profoundly uncomfortable.

Obviously, the first thing that came to my mind was how hungry I was, having only digested ice-cream and a small bottle of grape juice for breakfast, the sugary kind, and so were the rest of my family members who were mildly traumatised from the unforgiving road trip. We settled with La Porchetta an Italian restaurant that I go to rarely in Melbourne. This happened to be located at a Ski Resort in New South Wales, which of course meant that we had to cross the narrow bridge which took us to the new state.

Food in the countryside has been of late, very unsatisfactory…

After lunch, my family headed back to the Victorian countryside to relax, but not me. I was more keen on taking photographs of the river and the park beside. It was quiet for the most part, with the occasional roar of jet skis and dogs gallivanting through the serene atmosphere disturbing the symphony of ducks and seagulls chattering away.

Also, it was very warm; I could finally feel Spring showing it’s true colours, but it did get to a point where it was a bit too overwhelming. Anyway, at the moment I am on holidays and it is quite tragic that I am going to be resuming school next week. Am I excited or just devastated to get back to school? I’ll have to see. I hope a Monday that is above thirty degrees Celsius and for those who use Fahrenheit, eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit something to look forward to.


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