Hello everyone,

Yesterday was the thirteenth day of Spring here in Melbourne, Australia. A Sunday. I woke up to get dressed and head off to church. After that, we came back home, feasted on chicken curry with coconut rice, which was nutritious.

After an half an hour of rest and art, we gathered ourselves and headed out to a place called Queenscliff which is approximately two hours from where I live. Queenscliff is a peaceful, serene environment surrounded by a beautiful, cerulean sea, where boats come to dock, load cars and people onto them every forty-five minutes or so.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t reek of fish that has been caught or seaweed beating against the wall carrying unpleasant odours deep within the ocean. There aren’t any waves from this side of the ocean, and you can observe the slothful ships and the rippling water while sitting on a chair devouring chips that are way too ‘under-salted’ or rainbow ice-cream that is probably melting before you even get through half of it. However, as you walk past the behemoth viewing tower, past the loading zone and the ticket shop you encounter these rocks that lead to the beach.

Foamy, velvety waves crash afar leaving a layer of soft, firm sand to walk on. But to get there you have to tackle the more rigid sand where fragments of shells and bunches of seaweed lie. Let me warn you, wearing high heels, runners or boots is a mistake for this beach. However, even here the smell of fish is not detectable. It’s still fresh and untouched. Anyway, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of the Victorian countryside, and how peaceful it is to be away from people and the ‘hustle and bustle of the city’ for a while. Enjoy. What should I do next?



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