Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


Somehow I knew deep down, "Love is forever, fear is temporary." If I’d acknowledged the power, Of those words, without worry, Anxious over what would happen, When I handed myself over, To the world. Did I falter? Yes. Ashamed to... Continue Reading →



Why is it that I feel so alone, Even with the Summer days here, It’s impossible to escape from this dread, Hanging over me like a black cloud, If the sky turns bullet grey, I’ll die again, say a prayer,... Continue Reading →


I've been plucking these strings so long, But I long to feel the beat of the drum, To embrace the resonance of collision, Between the force of two objects, And the magnificent noise that it makes, To feel my heart... Continue Reading →


I was young and learnt nothing was mine, Instead they told me I had to wait in line, And still, I'm here waiting in this line, Waiting many years to take what's mine. ✾themeekarestillhere✾


It was back in thirteen, That your violin gave me hope, Those sweet melodies, The way your bow moved, Travelling across the four lines, Heavenly vibrations, dancing across, The wooden board, only you knew, When the words you spoke, Turned... Continue Reading →


After you dig back into my past, Present your findings and show them, And tell me, if I should be at fault, You already know, the truth is, That I have already asked for forgiveness. So please, I beg of... Continue Reading →


With each and every new day, I can feel the temperature rise, And the day quickening with each, And every, minute passing by. So I thought it was meant to be rebirth, And renewal; I'm reminded of new horrors, That... Continue Reading →


Truth is, if we want the same love, Same kindness from others, We have to be ready to give it back. And the truth is no more simple than, The fact that we're all guilty of something, But strength comes... Continue Reading →


Almost a decade I've lived in this city, I remember the first days, nothing existed, Now that it's all built, you've been exalted, Declared greatest, reputed, distinguished, But to me you've always been a scam, I know, the only thing... Continue Reading →

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