Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour. Proverbs 29:23


It seems like every twilight here, An ant beneath starless pink Indian skies, Feels like they’ll never be another day, Like I’ll never see another sunrise, And in this illusion of an eternal moment, Time lasts forever...perhaps I wonder if,... Continue Reading →



I dreaded to be here, It’s a place of shame but also one, Where for once in my life I felt free, I once thought I could make a life here, I dreamed it, and only by a harsh No,... Continue Reading →


So scared that I’ll be the one, Left behind while everyone’s gone, Scared that everyone else, Will be saved while I’m stuck in despair, Looking for something to rescue me, But all hope is gone, And I’ve realised I’ve missed... Continue Reading →


Since I know where and when I shine, I continue to remind myself of horrors, Beyond my power or control to stop, I want it to be no more a horror, A shame or regret, instead, Moments of perseverance, Carelessness... Continue Reading →


"I gave up all hope to find it again." ✾themeekarestillhere✾


I plunged into madness, And eventually came a sadness, I never felt, and so came my words, And I thought that if I kept writing, It would go away, For I realised now I was scared, That it would stay.... Continue Reading →


It’s like a force inside, Sharp and hurtful like a knife, I guess this must be what it feels like, To be stabbed in the back, I’ve left so many clues, And picked up others on the way, And still... Continue Reading →


So many times that I’ve felt overwhelmed, By such heavy emotions and I’ve wanted, So much, so very much to burst, But I knew the shame that came, When I exposed my weakness, I try to say that I’m happy,... Continue Reading →


You said write from your heart, You told me my beauty came from there, And so I did, all I’ve said is nothing less, And still I can feel the burden, This is the truth, I’m learning patience, And continuing... Continue Reading →

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