I’ve been silly, and wasted everything,  All this precious time, it was precious.  It was golden, no, worth more than that,  I’ll never get it back, but for the first time,  I’m saying, that the more I look back,  The more beautiful and dear this life is,  I realise now, the golden rays that shine, [...]



SILVER LININGS When I was young, I remember being happy that I had a dream. And that I had an idea of what I could have been when I grew up. I admit, I was crazy, and I thought everyone else was crazier. Perhaps I was mean, but I was crazy, I was sure of [...]


How can I tell others to ignore those voices when I haven’t banished mine,  I’m guilty of encouraging the pain,  Of living in darkness when I should’ve embraced the light, Before it’s too late, I want to help,  Make myself useful to help others,  Even though I can’t help myself.  These trains, I sometimes long [...]


Everybody called you delusional,  To get over your problems, so tiny and insignificant.  You were never happy or satisfied with your gold coins,  Flamingo-pink suits, the finest, fabulous fancies, Rainbow-coloured fireworks shot up like rockets into the black night sky, a twenties summer night,  Crazy they called you, cradled in a bed of roses, your [...]