OF THE KING Gotta break, gotta break completely,  But I’m afraid of braking,  Afraid of these colours pouring out, I’m a rogue, and I guess nobody likes me, But even rogues want to love,  Hard to accept it starts with me.  Only then will liberty come, won’t it?  They don’t understand, my own,  I’m here [...]



You called me, you brought me hope,  I saw your name on the blue screen,  And those words you said, I can’t cope, Mistook me for someone else, how mean, Na-na, what you called me isn’t it? (Say it again) High notes dance in swirls with the stars,  You took my hand, and let me [...]


Need some sugar to numb this fire,  There’s fire in the air, everything’s aflame, My world, reduced to ashes in my desire, Really should’ve just stayed in my lane.   Leaning on the shoulders of hating, We're all just living for the sake of living,  Read me a fairytale, we're really dreaming.    Now, so [...]


Why does she cry every night,  Why, does she tell herself the same lies? And even in the small moments of hope,  She still falls short, scared to show,  To be that girl she thinks they want.    Glamour girl, she wants everything,  But she has nothing. Crying ‘cause she knows she’s not invincible,  Praying [...]